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Finding the tallest trees - Radiata Pine (Pinus radiata D. Don)
To a forester, a tall tree is a thing of beauty.

In the Southern Hemisphere, there has been a recent flurry of interest (= a lot of interest) in finding the tallest Radiata Pine. This species, endemic ( = originating) to only several limited regions along the western USA coastline, has been widely planted over the lastcentury (= 100 years) in Australia (1 million hectares), Chile (1.4 million hectares), Argentina , New Zealand (1.8 million hectares), Kenya and South Africa (0.9million hectares).

Today, it is the major softwood species grown in plantations in these countries and provides a large amount of the sawn lumber for housing, as well as being exportedto China and Japaan as pulpwood and for additional resawing into lower grade wood products.

Friday Offcuts (http://www.fridayoffcuts.com) reports on " ... reference to a 58 metre tall P radiata that was found in Tasmania in 1990". The Kiwis (= slang name for New Zealanders) provided the following news "...in Kaingaroa Forest in 1971 there was the then well-known "Wood wool" compartment, planted in 1918 from memory. The thinnings had been used to manufacture wood wool. At that time the tallest trees were around 61 metres in height. This stand continued to grow until the 1990s. A remnant of the stand remains today but it may not be on the tallest-growing part of the site."

Do you have any informationon the tallest tree in Thailand or Laos?

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